A responsive website to optimize how people find places to study
(**Still under development**)

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What is HollowTree?
Hollow Tree is a website that provides people with the ability to find places that meet their studying needs. With HollowTree, users can see study spots near them and filter by amenities such as outlets, tables, noise level, wifi, and affordability.
  • Timeline: 1 year
  • Role: UX/UI Researcher & Designer
  • Software: Figma, Excel, Jira, Slack,
  • Project Type: Freelance

Design Process

The Problem

Since the pandemic, remote work has become extremely common. As such, people are flocking to places like cafes and libraries to get out of the house to work remotely, but finding the right place for you and your needs can be challenging and a waste of time.

As this need has risen, a resource is needed to quickly and easily find places to work with the necessary accommodations.

The Solution

To create the best possible resource for people to use to find places to work remotely from.

How Might We...

create a resource for people in order to help them find places to study that meet their needs?


Our objectives for HollowTree's research became:

  1. Assess existing market solutions and identify potential ways to improve on them
  2. Gather insights about user's wants and needs for the product
  3. Gather insights about user's pain points with current market solutions
  4. Identify gaps in current market solutions

Survey Results