Housing Works

Team Sprint to update a Non-profit organization’s donation process to increase their transparency with donation funds as well as build trust with their donors

What is Housing Works?

The task we were given for this sprint was to search for a non-profit charitable organization and identify current usability issues within their donation experience.
Housing Works is a charitable group that focuses their efforts on helping those who are affected by HIV/AIDS.

Timeline: 1 week
Role: UX Researcher, UX/UI Designer
Software: Figma, FigJam, Canva
Project Type: Team Sprint

Interview Key Insights

We conducted several interviews and gathered the following insights about their donation habits and what drives them to complete a donation.


People WANT to know where their money is going and how it is being used by non-profit organizations

Ease of Use

People WANT to donate but they don’t want the process to be complex

Discovery Insight

People typically discover non-profit organizations through social media or word of mouth
How Might We...
help Housing Works make potential donors more confident about where their money is going so that they can build trust and transparency with people?


We created the following persona based on our interviews

Fostering Transparency

The focus of our design intervention to was to mitigate the user's current pain point of lack of information on where their donation is going. Here we are providing the user with the ability to actually choose where their donation goes within the non-profit organization to maximize user freedom.

Initial Task Flow
The original task flow consisted of the user navigating through the donation process but gave a summary of the donation before the payment screen, as well as an extraneous user action where they input a name to donate in honor of someone
Revised Task Flow
The revised task flow adds a donation breakdown screen and a contact information screen before the payment information screen, then gives the user a summary screen before the confirmation screen for better user understanding of the donation process.
From Sketch to High Fidelity Prototype
Home Screen
Expenses Screen
Enter Donation Amount Screen
Summary Screen

Final Prototype

Next Steps
Further Functionality
In the future, the goal is to have all of the buttons functional. We have to create the screens for all of the actions in the homepage.
Additional User Testing
We would like to conduct additional user testing. This would ensure that we have solved many of the issues that we have mapped in the design prioritization matrix.