UX Mega Resources

A UX Design Overview with links and various resources in a convenient PDF format
When I started my position as a Teaching Assistant for the BrainStation UX Design Bootcamp in January, I wanted to make something that would be useful for the students to have long after the bootcamp was over.
I took high level notes during the course and collected as many resources as I could to give people a reliable reference for everything UX.
Timeline: 12 Weeks
Role: UX Researcher, UX/UI Designer
Software: Figma, FigJam, Canva
Project Type: Personal
Design Process
Here is an overview of how I created the UX Design Mega Resources file
Research I went through the entire UX process to figure out what information was needed
Gathering I gathered information from my old notes, internet searches, and bookmarks
Synthesizing I put all of the information together in a word doc and figma file in a concise and easy to follow way

UX Overview Topics

Next Steps
Additional Platforms
I am currently working on changing the format from a long word document to a slide deck for further functionality
Web Link Updates
I would like to change all of the web links to short titles instead of the long www... version for clarity of what the user is clicking on